GoldieMaple Academy will be extending our school day at no cost to the city. This is possible due to the extension of the teachers' daily work hours in a smaller period of time. All teachers will work a four-day daily work week that encompasses the same number of hours as their current five-day a week schedule. Each staff member will have one day off each week for his or her personal use.The students' five-day school hours will be from 8:00am to 4:35pm daily for all students prekindergarten to eighth grade. Our school would allow children to have a longer academic day where tutoring and supplemental activities will be provided within this extended schedule.
Data teams will meet according to the grade monthly, to create standards based assessments, chart student results and devise methods of remediation. This enables the teachers to make sense of the data and establish meaningful goals for the students to obtain mastering in specific skills.  In our nine-period day, students would have one period of Academic Intervention Services (AIS), in which they will be homogenously grouped. During the AIS period, teachers will be able to accurately and efficiently choose interventions based on the students' specific skill level while building a culture of inquiry and growth.

All grades at Goldie Maple Academy will be departmentalized.  For example,The ELA teacher for 3rd grade would teach only ELA to all classes on the grade etc., enabling teachers to focus on their strengths as educators. Currently, our school is departmentalized from grades 4-8 with students moving to eachclass, similar to high school.  Goldie Maple Academy is proud to have the opportunity to participate in the PROSE program for the 2015-2016 school year.


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