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Wave Preparatory Elementary School

We believe we can do all things and become anything we dream. We are responsible for ourselves and our actions. We have compassion for others and we will create a better world. If we believe and work hard at it, we will achieve it. We are WORLDLY! We are ACCOUNTABLE! We are VIRTUOUS! We are EXCELLENT!


Creemos que podemos lograr y ser todo lo que soñemos. Somos responsables de nosotros y nuestras acciones. Tenemos compasión por otros y crearemos un mundo mejor. Si creemos y nos enforzamos, lo lograremos. Somos DIVERSOS! Somos RESPONSABLES! Somos VIRTUOSOS! Somos EXCELENTES!


School Hours

Regular School Day (All Grades) 

Monday-Friday 8:20 AM- 2:40 PM

(Scholars must be in school by 8:15 AM)

Breakfast-7:50-8:05 AM

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