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P.S. 96Q
Official Core Knowledge School
130-01 Rockaway Blvd.
South Ozone Park , NY 11420
Tele:  (718) 529-2547      Fax:  (718) 659-0113


Official School Hours-8:15 A.M.-2:35 P.M.
Parent Engagement: Tuesdays from
 2:35 P.M.-3:15 P.M.


Breakfast begins at 7:45 a.m. Students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grades will have breakfast in the cafeteria. Pre-Kindergarten students will assemble at 8:15 a.m.


A healthy lunch will be served daily or students may take a bag lunch from home. No glass bottles, chips or candies will be allowed in the lunchroom.

The Lunch Schedule is as follows:

1st- Lunch Period 5
Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade, 4/5-101

   11: 15 a.m.- 12:10 p.m.

2nd-Lunch Period 6
Second Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade

    12:10 p.m.- 1:05 p.m.


All students must submit a completed and signed lunch form regardless of eligibility. Applications will be given out on the first day of school.

 If applicable, lunch monies will be collected every Monday. You will receive notification as to the cost.

Payments may be made in cash. Please place payment in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class on it.

It is extremely important that lunch money be sent in on time. If you have any question please contact the school.


All students are to be picked up at the time of dismissal. Students that are not picked up on time MUST be signed out from the office.

Pick up is as follows:


 Grades 2 and 3

Kindergarten and Grade1


 Grades 4 and 5







Grade 3

Pre-K T1


PreK T1

K-104 PreK
1-205 PreK T2 3-301

"Studio In A School" Program
Public School 96 offers their students the opportunity to experiment with art media and explore visual and academic themes through art. This art instruction is planned and developed based on the competencies described in the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

Public School 96 is an educational community that encourages collaboration between home and the school.  Notices are therefore sent home on a regular basis.

 Please check your child’s notebook, folder, and book-bag/backpack DAILY for notices. Kindly sign and return all tear-offs as soon as possible.

Ø    Important notices are followed up by messages via the School Messenger Service.

Ø    If you are not receiving messages via the School Messenger Service please contact the school immediately


Daily attendance at school is very important to your child’s academic achievements. New York City Department of Education Promotion Criteria states: All students must maintain a standard of ninety percent (90%) attendance per school year for promotion to the next grade. When a student is absent, a written explanation or a doctor’s note must be provided upon return to school. A note is also required when a student is to be excused from school early.

Any student arriving after 8:15 a. m. is considered late. Late students will be given a note to their classes and their name and time of arrival will be recorded.

When a student is absent or arrives late it is documented in our system and you will receive a phone call regarding your child’s lateness or absence. Extreme cases of poor attendance and lateness will result in further conferencing between school officials and the student’s parent/guardian


Every student must have 2 blue cards on file in the Main Office listing trusted adults to contact in case of emergency. It is important that you keep the school updated with the most current working numbers for your home, work and cell phone. Additionally, please keep the numbers of emergency contacts current. Please list ALL individuals you may request to pick up your child.

In the event there is an emergency we must get in contact with you in order to provide the best care for your child. Doctors or emergency rooms will not treat children without parent/guardian consent. Please be advised that students will only be released to those individuals listed on the blue card. A child will not be released to anyone who is under age 18, not listed on the card, or does not have the appropriate identification. For students who take a private vehicle or are picked up by a day care provider their names and phone numbers should also be on the blue card.


All visitors must sign in at the security desk, which is located in the main lobby. In order to be signed in, all visitors must present proper, valid photo identification. NO VISITOR WILL BE PERMITTED INTO THE BUILDING WITHOUT PROPER PHOTO IDENTIFICATION AND A VALID REASON. All visitors will be directed/escorted to the Main Office.

Please note: No parent/guardian will be permitted to visit a classroom or to talk to a teacher during the instructional day without prior appointment. It is extremely important that all of these rules are followed as the safety of our children depends on it.


All students received a Chancellor Code of Conduct (Blue Booklet). Please consult this booklet if you have any question concerning discipline and consequences.


The Department of Education provides bus transportation for all eligible elementary school students. Assigned personnel handle transportation issues such as metro cards, general, and special education bussing.


Good behavior is expected on the bus at all time. Therefore, students are expected to:

Ø    Sit quietly on the bus

Ø    Obey the rules of the bus driver and matron

Ø    No pushing or fighting on the bus

Ø    Use appropriate language at all time.

Students who do not follow the rules may loose their bus privileges.

NOTE: Parking in front of the main entrance during school hours is prohibited. Your vehicle maybe ticketed or towed if they are blocking the bus pick up/drop off area.


All students entering school for the first time are required to have proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, mumps, measles, and rubella.

Only the school nurse is permitted to administer medication. Students may not self-administer any type of medication during the school day (including Tylenol, cough medicines, asthma pumps, allergy pills etc.)

Teachers are not allowed to administer medications to students.

If medication is to be given during the school day please contact the school nurse about completing a Section 504 form. This form provides explicit instruction from your child’s doctor to the School Nurse about dosage and frequency for medication to be given. The School Nurse will ensure that your child’s medication is administered appropriately.  


P. S. 96Q is a mandatory uniform school. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that all students attend school appropriately attired. The standard and required uniform is listed below:

For Girls: Navy blue skirt/ pants and light blue blouse/shirt

For Boys: Navy blue pants, light blue shirt.

On gym days students may wear their gym uniform.


Homework is an extremely important part of your child’s education as it helps to reinforce the skills, strategies, concepts and knowledge that have been taught during the school day.

It is the responsibility of all students to complete their homework assignments to the best of their ability. It would be beneficial to the child if parents ensure that homework assignments are completed and that the student is prepared for the next day.

P. S. 96Q has certain stipulations that support our homework policy:

Ø    Homework is given everyday (including Fridays and holidays for all grades)

Ø    Classroom teachers and cluster teachers give homework daily, with emphasis on literacy and math.

Ø    Teachers will check homework in a timely manner to ensure that the work is completed correctly.

Ø    Parents will be notified when students are in violation of this policy.

Ø    In order to meet the New York state Standards, researches, projects, and reports are also given in addition to regular assignments.


Public School 96Q seeks every avenue possible to promote reading. One of our valued programs is the Readers Are Leaders Initiative. All students are expected to read at least 50 books by the first week in June. In order to have your child qualify for our bi-monthly celebrations and a final Great Celebration encourage your child to read 5 books per month on his/ her independent reading level.


Public School 96Q consistently seeks ways to promote our students’ talents in different areas of the arts as well as nurture their different intelligences in our Assemblies.  All parents/guardians are encouraged to come out to support their children when they are performing.


Our Parent Association is an integral part of our school. Our Parent Meetings are held monthly. The date and time of meetings are sent home in the monthly calendar and through our School Messaging Service.

The P. A. is a vital and active organization. Through the participation and involvement of parents, the P. A. organizes fundraising activities and school activities in which the proceeds directly enhance the quality of education for our children. All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend our P. A. Meetings.


The School Leadership Team is made up of Administration, teachers and parents. All parents are welcomed to these meetings that are held monthly. Please also read our monthly minutes to become cognizant of issues that are dealt with in our monthly meetings.


Parent volunteers play a vital role in P. S. 96Q. If you are interested in serving as a parent volunteer please contact our Parent Coordinator.


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