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Accessibility Status: Functionally Accessible

For additional information please contact the custodian or the school.

Office of Program Accessibility
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Building Condition and Assessment Survey
Primary Building P.S. 86 - BRONX, 2756 RESERVOIR AVENUE
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Secondary Buildings
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 Building Condition and Assessment Survey (BCAS) Ratings Key
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Annual Facilities Survey
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Department of Health Report
DateViolation CodeExplanationCorrective ActionRemarks
3/1/201010GDrop celiling tiles was observed not prooerly installed a 3 - 4 inch gap was observed between wall and tile with a pipe in between dry food storage room.Gap between wall and ceiling near pipes was referred to the custodian for corrective action. Not resolved
3/1/201004MVermin activity on floor in dry food storage room. OSFNS Staff re-instructed on proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. All areas were immediately cleaned. Pest Control immediately notified. Resolved
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Capacity and Utilization Report