Instructional Support Services (Special Education)

At PS/IS 18M all students who have Individualized Education Plan (IEPs) receive the full continuum of services including an IEP teacher, Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), instruction in self-contained classes, and related services such as speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling, adaptive physical education, as well as an ISC team comprised of a psychologist, a social worker and a family worker.


At the present time PS/IS 18M has two special education classes. A fifth to seventh grade (bridge) 12:1:1 self-contained class, with a special education teacher, one classroom paraprofessional, and 1 one-to-one crisis paraprofessional.  We also have one 1-3 special class 12:1:1, with a special education teacher, a classroom paraprofessional and 2 health paraprofessionals. 


Every student with special needs is to receive an appropriate IEP and services in his or her least restrictive environment. At the same time, the needs of students who are at-risk for referral are also to be met. To make possible the support of both, the Department of Education has, for flexibility, created numerous options. One example of these flexible options is the Special Education Teacher Support Service (formerly consultant teacher and resource room). Special support services are offered by the special education teacher support provider either in students’ home classrooms or in a separate location, and may be direct or indirect. The exact structure of this service is detailed on students’ IEPs, along with the size of groups in which students will be placed.

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