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The Twenty-first Century Academy for Community Leadership, P.S. 210, is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 dual language school, where high standards and multiple forms of assessments are used to evaluate the progress of children. In partnership with the Community Association of Progressive Dominicans, Inc.(ACDP), a local CBO, children and families are provided with the social/emotional, physical, and academic support that they need to be productive citizens. Our school is dedicated to achieving academic excellence for all its students, through standards-driven instruction, a nuturing environment and the development of the civic and social skills necessary to function productively. Our mission is to provide a dual language learning experience that will enable all students to become lifelong learners and leaders in their communities and in our global society.

La Academia Siglo 21 de Liderazgo Comunal, E.P. 210, ofrece clases desde jardín infantil hasta octavo grado, donde altas normas y formas múltiples de evaluación son utilizadas para medir el progreso de los estudiantes. En conjunto con la Asociación Comunal de Dominicanos Progresistas (ACDP). Esta asociación sin fines de lucro provee a niños y sus familias el apoyo social/emocional, físico y académico que ellos necesitan para convertirse en ciudadanos productivos. Nuestra escuela esta dedicada a lograr un nivel académico excelente para todos sus estudiantes utilizando normas de instrucción, y un ambiente que apoya a la enseñanza, el desarrollo cívico y las destrezas necesarias para funcionar productivamente. Nuestra misión es proveer una experiencia de lenguaje dual que permite a todos los estudiantes convertirse en personas con un aprendizaje duradero; y lideres en sus comunidades y en nuestra sociedad.

Our school is affiliated with the Grammy Foundation through the Leonard Bernstein Center. The Center offers professional development to the teachers that emphasizing an Artful Learning Framework where masterworks and the arts are used as models for learning. In addition we offer violin lessons through a partnership with the Midori Foundation.
In partnership with Community School District 6 and the Community Association of Progressive Dominicans (ACDP), a local CBO, the children of P.S. 210 have the opportunity of attending our own Twenty-first Century Learning Center after-school program. This after- school program provides tutoring, music, and arts for the children.
In partnership with ACDP and organizations like the Center for Immigrant Rights, students and their families receive social emotional support by fostering strategies that develop social/emotional, and academic skills.
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