Welcome to August Martin High School Science Department!

    The science Department is dedicated to the development of
    scientific literacy.  As a result of scientific literacy, students will be
    able to contribute input and comprehend issues facing the United
    States in the 21st Century.

    It is August Martin High School's expectations that all students will
    take three years of science in high school.  The above demands of
    the "College Preparatory Initiative" and the requirements of the
    upcoming twenty-first century necessitates the completion of higher
    levels of cognition in all academic science courses of study.

    To meet these demands, DRP scores will be checked for all
    incoming ninth and tenth grade students.  Those students with
    limited English proficiency will be placed into specialized bilingual
    science programs.   Special Education students will be given the
    same courses of study including hands-on laboratory activities as
    the regular population of students at August Martin High School.  
    The above hands-on lab experiences will span the entire science
    curriculum.   These laboratory experiences will be incorporated into
    the sixth period of instruction and appropriate make-up activities  for
    students who have missed their laboratory period will be made up in
    a timely fashion so as to permit these students to be eligible for the
    June Regents examinations.

    A Scientific Literate Student will be able to:

    1. Design a controlled experiment.
    2. Ask the question: What if?
    3. Comprehend the need to conserve the earth's natural resources.
    4. Integrate mathematics and technology; into the realm of science.
    5. Describe and explain the organ systems of the human body.
    6. Calculate various physical measurements of objects.
    7. Draw upon inferences based on charts, tables and graphs.
    8. Cite possible careers and occupations related to science.
    9. Articulate with other high school students on issues relevant to
    their future and survival.
    10. Identify current trends in scientific research as a means of
    educating the surrounding community.
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