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School Overview 2014-15

The John F. Kennedy Jr. School (P721Q) is located in Elmhurst, Queens. We are a special education school under District 75/Network V. 

Our school currently serves 492 high school age students (14-21 years), who have a board range of abilities and challenges, which may include but not limited to students on the autism spectrum, students with severe to profound cognitive challenges and students with multiple disabilities.  Students require a high level of support to achieve academic and social/emotional success and are assigned to the John F. Kennedy Jr. School /P721Q according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The school is comprised of a self contained main site, which houses thirty two (32) classes inclusive of Bilingual, ESL and in school and community based work study classes.  There are three (3) co located satellite sites at Info Tech HS, serving five (6) classes including two community based work study classes and one inclusion class; Maspeth Campus HS, serving eight (8) classes and the Queens College Campus has two (2) classes of students fully participating in inclusive education and work study both on and off campus.

There is a significant representation of culturally diverse students as reflected in the twenty three (23) languages spoken by bilingual and English Language Learners (ELL).  All classes are served with licensed teachers and  paraprofessionals who speak the students’ native language.  Parents are supported via communication offered in their native language and workshops by native language presenters.  Saturday Title 3 programs are offered to students and parents which focus on technology and English language development.

We offer students a wide array of learning opportunities and receive all IEP mandated related and support services to enable them to achieve their maximum potential.  Our programming provides a well rounded educational experience that aligns and parallels with the general education environment, non disabled peers. 

Students attending the John F. Kennedy Jr. School/P 721Q have the opportunity to participate in all content area instruction – ELA/Math/Science and Social Studies, which are aligned to the NYS CCLS Standards and Alternate Standards (NYSAA).  Furthermore, students at the John F. Kennedy Jr. School can
participate in Digital Photography, Technology, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, and Industrial Art related classes. Students are also offered opportunities to participate
in vocational and Computer and Occupational Standards (CDOS) courses both in and outside of the school, where students learn work related skills in the areas of carpentry and the food service industry.  

The variety of academic courses and vocational experiences offered at the John F. Kennedy Jr. HS/P721Q are preparing students for the transition from school to post secondary life outcomes as mandated through their Individual Education Transition Plan.  Students from 16-21 are involved in community based instruction and work study outside of the school.

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