Welcome to the P.S. 203 Website. Our school provides an educational environment that is extremely academic, highly creative, dedicated to the arts, and implicitly child-centered.

The cooperative spirit is at the heart of P.S. 203 where a warm and nurturing climate is fostered. Skills and lifelong interests are explored and developed through an interdisciplinary process that is literature based and embraces the whole-language philosophy, while emphasizing skills acquisition.

Special events and experiences at our school include:

**** Author Studies and Reception
**** An Independent Study Program
**** A vital music program, incorporating vocal concerts, recorder instruction, and a Suzuki Violin Program
**** A Physical Education Program, culminating on Field Day and our Dance Festival
**** A Drama Program, featuring class plays and a Drama Club
**** A newly acquired state of the art Computer Lab
**** A Library Program, which emphasizes creativity development
**** The Constitution Works Program
IIM Enrichment Program
**** An impressive ESL Program
**** A Hands-on-Science Program, featuring the Science and Technology Program developed by the Smithsonian Institution
**** An active Student Organization where children's voices are heard, and
**** A most supportive Parent-Teacher Association which makes our dreams become realities.

At P.S.203 we are committed to providing "something for everyone."

Sincerely yours,


Carole Nussbaum
Principal, PS203

Leslie Wechsler
Assistant Principal

Catherine Ordas
Assistant Principal

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