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The mission of KAPPA III is to foster a nurturing, learning environment that supports, challenges, and raises the expectations of young people in the Bronx. We provide a rigorous, accelerated academic program that prepares our students to attend high performing public and private high schools, graduate from one of our country's top universities, and then to take their place as one of America's next generation of civic leaders. At KAPPA III we create an environment where every student learns that hard work will pay off. Students learn that while the climb may be difficult, every student can reach the summit.

At KAPPA schools we believe that:
  • Students, parents, and teachers are equally responsible for student success.
  • There is no substitute for hard work.
  • Discipline is necessary for students to learn.
  • Students and staff must act with integrity and character at all times.
  • Education allows students to dream by equipping them with the skills they need to make their dreams come true.

Special Programs

  • Uniform policy
  • Tutoring
  • School band (open to all students)
  • Italian instruction
  • Extended Day
  • Clubs

    Extracurricular Activities - Sports and Clubs

    Young people who live in neighborhoods where poverty is concentrated need access to high performing public schools. Many students need more than a rigorous academic program with a high quality teaching staff, which we offer. They also need to feel safe. For many children, the KAPPA III culture is a haven. When children walk through KAPPA III's doors each day, they are able to concentrate on their aspirations and personal growth. All aspects of the school's culture and procedures give the children a sense of control. From the moment they put on their school uniform to the moment they sit down in the classroom and read the objective of the day's lesson, students benefit because they know exactly what to expect and are able to focus on learning.

    The population that KAPPA III serves is 39% African American, 58% Latino, and 3% other. Approximately 98% of our student population is eligible for free or reduced lunch. In September 2004, there will be 120 students enrolled in the school, with 60 in grade 5 and 60 in grade 6. The school will grow each year by 60 students until it reaches the number of 240, with grades 5 through 8.

    Students demonstrate readiness to attend a KAPPA school through their commitment to education and the KAPPA model;familial commitment to education, especially the KAPPA model; and a strong record of school attendance.

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