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The Senior Activities
By:Maningbe Camara and Nabila Uddin 6-323

This is the year of the sixth graders. It is said to be the best year for all us seniors. All of the seniors will be participating in various activities and events. We will be going on a senior trip, a senior picnic, and having a senior dance, and senior week. Our graduation will take place at Hillcrest High School. Four of the sixth grade classes will be going to Long Island to visit their pen pals. Thanks to our PTA for paying for the buses!

This year the senior students of P.S.86Q will be going to Chelsea Piers in Manhattan on June 6th. This trip will include bowling, rock climbing, basketball, gymnastics, batting cages, soccer, and lunch.

Senior week will take place from June9th, through June 12th.The week will include: Jersey Day, Cap Day, Pajama Day, and Senior Awards Day (June 10th). The Senior Dance will take place in the P.S.86Q gymnasium from 1:30 to 3:30. The Senior Picnic will be on June 15th at Cunningham Park. The Seniors will also take a walking trip to JHS 217 to visit the school they will be attending in September. They will see a performance and have their questions about Junior high answered.

Graduation will take place at Hillcrest High School on June 28th.

We hope that all Seniors have had a wonderful year!


    In P.S.86Q some sixth grade classes had the opportunity to have pen pals from a different school. This year our school wrote to pen pals from Seaford Middle School on Long Island. From October throughout our senior year we’ve been writing letters to our pen pals. On May 30th, we are going to meet our pen pals on Long Island! We are going to see how different their school is from ours. When we go to meet our pen pals, we will get to stay with them for the whole day!!!

    Written by Kathy and Jardana from class 6-323

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