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    From the guidance corner…                                   

    Elizabeth Mazes



     To meet New York City and State requirements for a high school diploma, a general education student must meet the following minimum requirements:

     Subject                                   Credits (1 credit is earned for each TERM of the class)

    English                                                            8

    Math                                                   6

    Foreign Language                              2

    Science:                                              6 total (3 COMPLETE year
     Living Environment               2

     Chemistry OR Physics

       OR Earth Science                   2

                Add’l/Other Science              2

    Social Studies:                                                8 total

    Global History                                    4

    US History                              2

    Government                           1

    Economics                              1

    Art/Music/Drama                              2

    Health                                                 1

    PE                                                        7 terms (.60 credits per term)

    Electives                                             7

                TOTAL:                        44


    In addition, a student must pass the following 5 Regents exams with a score of 65 or higher:

                            1 Science (Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics)

                            1 Math (Algebra, Geometry, or Trigonometry)

                            Global History

                            US History



    To earn an Advanced Regents Diploma, a student must take 2 more years of foreign language classes (for a total of 6 FL credits), and pass the following 4 additional Regents exams:

                            1 more Science (from the list above)

                            2 more Maths (all 3 on the list above)

                            Foreign Language

    Students who are eligible for the Safety Net testing (RCTs), should clarify those requirements with their guidance counselor.


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