IB Candidacy

 It is with great pride that we announce Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy's candidacy in the process to be an International Baccalaureate Program school. What does this mean for our students?

The IB program focuses on the holistic development of our children by developing traits called the learner profile. The students learn to be caring, open-minded, a risk-taker, knowledgeable, among other traits, through inquiry based learning, instruction and by making international connections.

This program enhances the curriculum already in place by our instructors by drawing upon key concepts and exploring the world around us using various lenses. The students are able to more readily apply content from the classroom to their own lives and and participate in investigations that foster global citizenship.

For more information on the IB Program, please visit their website at www.ibo.org. Or feel free to contact the IB MYP coordinator at Mott Hall, Ms. Otomo at MHSTAIB@Motthallscienceandtech.org

Disclaimer: Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy is not an authorized International Baccalaureate Program school and is the the candidacy phase of the application process.

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