Social Studies

Ms. Bernier
Ms. Rigo 
Ms. Cohen
Ms. Francois

  The Social Studies Department of the Brooklyn Transition Center (BTC) consists of highly qualified and dedicated educators. Their main goal is to teach the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable students to become responsible and active citizens in a diverse and global world and also to demonstrate an understanding of democratic values and responsibilities for government. Students gain an appreciation of cultural diversity, an overview of world history, and an understanding of contemporary issues.  They develop an awareness of the economic, social, political, and environmental interdependence of all nations and peoples. Finally, they acquire practical skills in critical thinking/reasoning, problem solving, research, and communication.

BTC Social Studies Department has been using technology at its best to tailor and differentiate instruction in order to meet our diverse students’ individual and academic needs. For such a daunting task, assessment is a key factor at BTC.  It encompasses everything from accountability to exams to projects to field trips to everyday tests. We do not believe in the idea that “One Size Fits All”; therefore, our assessment format is highly differentiated and diversified.  We move from the mentality of “I Catch You” to that “ I Will Help You Succeed”, based on students’  individual learning styles.  Our quality of instruction is challenging, engaging, meaningful, and standard-based.     

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