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Our Values

The Green School has 4 community values, Sustainable Self, Sustainable Relationships, Sustainable Community, and Sustainable Society. To sustain means to create balance in order to strengthen and support life for oneself, others, and future generations. We use our school experience to help us understand how to create and participate in a sustainable society. 

Our Theme

We are called The Green School because we are interested in growth and in creating a more balanced and sustainable world. When we look around we see that the way we live can be very destructive, both to our environment and to our communities. In addition to preparing students for college, we believe it is important that our students learn how to advocate for their communities and for their planet. 

Caring Education and Individualized Support

Every student has a teacher who is also their personal advisor, and they are part of an advisory group of 15 students. Advisory class activities help students adjust to the academic expectations of high school and help them develop the critical thinking skills and leadership abilities they need for college. Advisors get to know students well, they call homes regularly and meet with parents twice a year to discuss their child's progress in all their subjects. 

College Focus

All classes at The Green School are designed to prepare students for college.

  • In our Foundations Institute - the 9th and 10th grades - students complete major unit projects in each class that demonstrates their mastery of the subject. In addition to course grades, twice a year students are evaluated in Exhibitions where they present their work to a panel and explain what they have learned. 
  • In our Senior Institute - the 11th and 12th grades - all students participate in college readiness courses, which include university visits, career interest projects, and preparation of college applications. Students participate in research seminars where they explore their own personal academic interests and write college-style papers. 11th and 12th graders also have the opportunity to take their first college course at a local university.


Real World Learning Experiences 

We believe high school students need to have real-world experiences in preparation for college and successful careers. In the 9th and 10th grades, classes include academic fieldwork outside the building. In the 11th and 12th grades, students spend half a day per week on internships where they explore their career interests and participate in community service. 

Many Opportunities to Shine

We treat our school like a small community and value the gifts and contributions of every person in it. In addition to regular classes, we offer numerous extracurricular actives such as

  • Basketball
  • Drama
  • Step
  • Digital music production
  • Film making
  • Student Recycling and Greening Committee
  • Student Events Committee
  • Gaming Club
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