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P.S. 375 is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The school has approximately 560 students who are in classes from Prek– 5th grade. The school is situated on the landmark property once known as Ebbets Field, where the legendary Jackie Robinson himself played baseball.

In 2009, P.S. 375 was recognized as one of the top 20% of schools in New York City. The school  was also identified as being Well Developed for its 2007-2008 School Quality Review. Approximately 20% of our students are identified as English Language Learners (ELLs) and less than 15% are identified as Students With Disabilities (SWDs). We are proud to provide integrated services to all of our students through our Student Staff Support Team (SSST).  There are several model classrooms in P.S. 375 with a leader in all grades and departments.

Property of P.S. 375 Jackie Robinson School
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