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ELA (English Language Arts)

The MOTC offers a variety of standard based curricula including the following:

Star Reporter :
The Star Reporter program is an exciting project based curriculum that addresses accountability mandates and provides access to the general education themes. Using the Star Reporter, students step into the roles of newspaper editors, reporters, researchers, writers, and photographers, they're learning to socialize, interact, and communicate individually, as well as in large and small groups.  The structure of the program includes years of detailed lesson plans that ensure active participation and communication  for students in the moderate to severe disabilities. Use of assistive technology solutions are embedded for students who face physical and cognitive challenges to access and succeed within this project based program. Goal specific progress monitoring sheets are included.

    A step-by-step extended school year program to maintain educational progress for your special education students.

    Splash™ is the answer for summer academic maintenance for your students in special education.  The program offers engaging, age and ability appropriate content "ready to go" for summer sessions.  As an all-inclusive package — teacher's guides, assessment, student adapted literacy, workbooks, worksheets, activities and take-home sheets. Splash™ includes instruction on: communication, social interaction, reading, math, health, and science.
    Splash™ provides for the necessary instructional accommodations for special education learners by offering three levels of adapted content and instruction:

    Level 1 – Typically used with students working developmental or pre-emerging academic skills. These students require a maximum of instructional support.

    Level 2 – Typically used with students working on emerging (reading readiness) to beginning academically skills.

    Level 3 – Typically used with students who benefit from academic grade level content materials written with low vocabulary demands.

    MEville to WEville with Extended Literacy Lessons curriculum
    MEville to WEville with Extended Literacy Lessons curriculum focuses on three instructional areas: word study, comprehension, and writing.

    The program includes a teacher’s manual that contains detailed lessons for each of the three areas: word study, comprehension and writing for each one of the three Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters books included in each unit.

    Each of the Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters sets contains three different content related books per unit. The books provided in both soft cover and accessible CD format. They are differentiated as “Enrichment”, “Transitional” and “Conventional”. The Enrichment books  are written to teach students about language and to help them develop concepts of print. The Transitional books are written to encourage beginning readers to attend to the illustrations and the print in the book. The Conventional books were developed for the purpose of developing fluency and increasing understanding. Access to goal specific progress monitoring sheets is provided.

    Weekly Reader
    AbleNet Editions® Weekly Reader® program enables the state standards and alternative achievement requirements to be achieved for Annual Yearly Progress and IEP mandates.The WR News Senior Edition has been designed for the secondary student that requires additional support to be successful with instructional materials. This edition content targets news and non-fiction articles (cross- content), engaging maps, and graphs which build comprehension, vocabulary, math and on-line opportunities while supporting standards-based instruction in a meaningful manner for students with disabilities. The AbleNet Editions® Weekly Reader® provides for the necessary instructional accommodations for special education learners by offering three levels of adapted content and instruction:

    A Complete Program for Organizing, Delivering, and Measuring Transition Skills Development

    Next™ Transition Skills System is a solution that simplifies the process of identifying, teaching, and tracking essential transition skills over multiple years, while meeting state standards and federal guidelines for providing transition education to students with autism spectrum disorders as well as mild, moderate, and severe disabilities. Using the Next™ electronic assessment,  ensures  that all team members have input in to each student's transition plan involvement in a coordinated, constructive manner.  Teachers use the software to manage student progress, print customized worksheets, and assemble a student-transition folio – all of which provides an easy reference for ongoing data collection and year-to-year comparisons.

    In addition to the above, the MOTC offers a 6 week summer literacy program.

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