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PS 079M - Dr. Horan School Administrative Team

  Ms. Greer Phillips,

Ms. Milred Rodriguez-Ortiz,
Assistant Principal

Mr. Jason Sand,
Assistant Principal

Mr. Jocelyn Azandossessi,
Assistant Principal, I.A.


    Role of the Principal/Assistant Principal

    The role of the Principal/Assistant Principal is to provide instructional leadership and to facilitate the curriculum program of the school. The Principal/Assistant Principal is responsible for organization, supervision of personnel, instruction, curriculum, conduct, budget, parent relations, and public information.

    Major duties are to:

    1. Prepare schedules involving time allotment and room assignment for pupils.

    2. Supervise curriculum and classroom instruction in the school.

    3. Promote proper professional ethics and spirit, fostering a school atmosphere of courtesy.

    4. Oversee all school events, including extracurricular, in line with policies governing student activities.

    5. Hold regular faculty meetings.

    6. Require each employee to register daily in order to keep an accurate record of time of arrival and departure from school.

    7. Recommend personnel of the school for tenure.

    8. Prepare all required district reports.

    9. Make recommendations to district for needed improvements.

    10. Observe all state and local regulations relative to fire prevention.

    11. Prepare annually and file with district officials budget requests for the addition and/or replacement of equipment, major repairs, alterations to buildings, and needed books and supplies.

    12. Maintain a required textbook record and inventory

    13. Provide supervision in the school cafeteria, hallway and on school grounds.

    14. Designate a suitable place in the building for students before and after school during inclement weather.

    15. Perform other duties as assigned by the superintendent or designee.

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