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Admissions and Graduation Requirements

See Series A-101: Admissions, Readmissions, Transfer and List Notice for All Students and Series A-501: Promotion Standards.

high school diploma requirements checklist

Tuesday, October 26th @ 7 PM

    Professional Photography Program
    High School Application Code  K24L 
    - most competitive secondary photography program in New York City
    program featured in full-length articles in the New York Times, Photo District News, and Newsday, and is supported by Kodak, Agfa, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, and Hasselblad
    photography students have led in national awards including the Photo Imaging Education Association's competition, the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Art's contests, and the Scholastic Art Awards
    graduates have gone on to win scholarships to colleges and professional schools, major in the visual arts, and have successful careers in photography 

    Honors Institute - HuMANITIES
    High School Application Code  K24M   
    -humanities program for the gifted and talented
    guest speakers, local and regional trips, and presentations connect students to a vast array of information and opportunities beyond the classroom
    advance placement courses in English literature, world and American histories, American government, and macroeconomics for college credit
    -student leadership opportunities and individualized attention
    community service combines academic preparation with real world experience 
    -exciting course of study includes the history of art and music, literature of New York City, American: women past and present, constitutional law, the Vietnam War, cultural studies, and American literature 1850-1910.

    Institute for Professions in science
    High School Application Code  K24J    
    prepare for competitive careers in science and mathematics 
    take college level advanced placement courses in biology, physics, calculus, computer science, psychology, and chemistry
    learn in laboratories with the most up-to-date equipment
    specialized courses include medical science, botany, science research, technical drawing, pre-calculus, visual basic java
    -work on individual research projects and attend summer enrichment programs.

    High School Application Code  K24A   
    -learn how to properly handle and care for a variety of marine and fresh-water invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals 
    -gain exposure to many different career options awaiting those interested in animal science 
    -learn the anatomy and physiology of the animals in our vast collection
    -work directly with our fresh and salt water fish, frogs, snakes, turtles, lizards, ducks, chickens, parrots, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, and many others
    -take courses in nutrition, behavior, disease, sanitation, housing, animal facilities, safety, reproduction, and genetics.


    Through our partnership with Johns Hopkins University's Talent Development High Schools, Abraham Lincoln High School offers a Small Learning Communities model.  Our SLC model features a block schedule, in which teams of teachers meet with a guidance counselor to track each student's performance.  All 9th grade students will take Freshman Seminar, which features lessons on study skills, note-taking, resume writing, peer relations, community building, as well as career and college planning.  At the end of the 9th grade, students will select a Career Academy, which will enable them to take electives in their particular area of interest.  Lincoln provides both the individualized attention of a small school, as well as the assets and resources of a large educational complex.

    For over 75 years, Abraham Lincoln High School has been a leader in New York City education.  Our former students include three Nobel Prize winners in science, published authors, and professional athletes.  Our campus offers a state of the arts photography studio, two animal science labs, computer labs, spacious grounds, and a pool.  Students flourish and learn in our ideal combination of strenuous academic rigor and extensive support.  Lincoln's students also have access to one of the city's top athletic programs, as well as a wealth of other extracurricular activities and internship opportunities.  Extensive elective course offerings including Advanced Placement and College Now classes empower our academic achievers to complete up to a year of college credit during their secondary studies.  Lincoln is the school where gifted students have the opportunity to excel.


    You will receive a New York City high school admissions application from your intermediate school guidance counselor in October.  You may list several different choices on your application.  If you wish to apply to all of our different programs, you can list Lincoln up to five times.  Applications are returned to your intermediate school guidance counselor by the first week of December.

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