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Social Studies

Welcome to the Social Studies Department!

    Assistant Principal

    Ms. Janice Henry

    United States democracy is derived from a set of basic values and
    convictions that the Social Studies Department is dedicated to
    promoting and teaching.  We are committed to providing students
    with an education that promotes the informed decision making
    essential to a democratic society.  Using the social sciences as a
    vehicle, students will be prepared to confront the political and
    economic issues facing the United States in the 21st Century.  Since
    students cannot be expected to become independent, intelligent
    decision makers without proper training, a major thrust of the August
    Martin Social Studies Department is to integrate the teaching of
    critical thinking across the curriculum.


    Therefore, our teachers will not only address the basic thinking skills
    of knowledge, comprehension, and application, but wherever
    possible they will also teach our students how to use the higher order
    skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

    The Social Studies Department recognizes that not all children are
    the same.  They come to us with varying strengths and weaknesses,
    talents and abilities, and interests and emotions.  It is our goal to help
    our youngsters grow to their maximum potential.  In order to address
    this goal, we have endeavored to provide each student with the
    choice and flexibility necessary to satisfy his or her individual needs.
    We believe it is vital for every student to develop confidence in his or
    her ability to learn to develop the capacity for lifelong learning.   
    Furthermore, it is our purpose to develop self-discipline and a sense
    of responsibility and decency in all our students.

    By definition, democracy recognizes the worth and dignity of each
    individual.  Members of the Social Studies Department understand
    the necessity to incorporate multicultural education as an integral
    part of the curriculum.   This will provide students with the knowledge,
    tolerance, respect and compassion toward every human being
    whatever his or her origin, present status, religion or natural gifts.  It
    will also provide students with the skills of settling controversial
    questions whether they be personal, national or international and
    thereby recognize the principal of the rule of the majority with full
    protection of civil rights and security for all.
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