ELA (English Language Arts)

Welcome to the English  Department!

 All courses offered by the English Department reflect our commitment to an integrated program in the Language Arts, which tightly adheres to our City and State standards in the English Language Arts Curriculum.It is our duty to enhance our students listening, critical thinking,speaking, reading and writing skills in a context that sensitizes them to the need for developing proficiency with language. We provide a curriculum that addresses the needs of our students through collaborative learning techniques as prescribed by the Chancellor's Handbook for Balanced Literacy.

Developing our students literacy skills is our main objective,as our
students progress through the four-year English curriculum.The course of studies prepares our students for the Comprehensive EnglishRegents
Exam, the SAT and College Now under the aegis of
York College.  We
want to send our graduates to college or into the work forcewith the
necessary skills to succeed in our highly competitive world.

We also offer Advanced Placement English this is an intensivecollege
level course that aims to instruct students in the art ofwriting and literature appreciation. The course follows the requirements set by theCollege Board.


The 9th gradecurriculum has been revamped by the Department of
Education to reflect and highlight literacy. Ninth gradestudents who score a 2 or less on their ELA 8th Grade Assessment test will have adouble period of English and follow the Ramp-Up Program. This programwill enable students to become more fluent readers and writersthrough
independent, cooperative, and whole group instruction.  Those 9th grade students who score a 3 or better on the 8th Grade ELA examwill have a single period of English based on the Balanced Literacy Model.

This course themes are the same as the E3H/E4H. Studentswill write their own narratives and responses to literature. Students willcontinue to be familiarized with the four parts of the English Regents examthat they will take at the end of their junior year. This course strengthensstudents listening and writing skills. Students writing abilities willbe constantly crutinized and accessed to meet state and city standards forEnglish Language Arts, and to continually build skills to meet theRegents requirement the following year.

This course tackles the themes of rites of passage andman's fight for
survival. Within this context, the course provides a widearray of short
stories, novels, plays and poems. The literature ismulticultural and
represents literary works from around the world. The writingcomponent is intensive and builds upon the essential skills of processwriting, and more specifically, expository and creative writing. This is theprecursor to the ELA Regents class next year.

Like the 5H/6H class, this is a Regents preparatory coursewhere students will read American novels and continue to develop theirproficiency in writing skills and general test-taking skills. Writing about acontrolling idea and a critical lens will be stressed. It is an intensivereading and writing course that will lead to the successful passing of the Regentsexam.

This is an Honors Regents course in which AmericanLiterature is the
focus. Students will be preparing for the EnglishComprehensive Regents Exam in June, a requirement for graduation. Reading Americanclassics and writing about the literature, largely comprises this course.Vocabulary study, the study of literary terms and reading comprehensionare important topics of the course. Students will be required to write athesis paper on an American author and two of his works. There is continuouspreparation for the ELA Regents in June.

This senior level English class offers different topicseach year, but writing still remains the focal point. The senior essay is discussedand written this term, as well as a research paper. The fall term's focus isthe literature of mystery where students get to explore the themes and devicesemployed by famous mystery writers. The spring term's focus is onpublic speaking and communications.

This honors class focuses on comparative literatureencompassing all
genres. Students will write their senior essays as well as aliterary research paper. This course seeks to broaden students knowledge ofclassical and contemporary literature with emphasis on literary style andcriticism.


The Advanced Placement Course offers students theopportunity to read a comprehensive selection of works by British and Americanauthors from many time periods and genres.  Students will be expectedto critically interpret and analyze texts read in class and to apply evaluativeand critical processes to independently read texts.

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