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Food and Finance High School offers an academically rigorous career and technical education that focuses on culinary arts and finance related to the industry where students will develop critical thinking skills. The school is designed to serve a diverse population who will meet academic and industry standards. The mission of the school is to enable all of our students to become self-directed life-long learners who use their minds well and are caring, reflective and thoughtful adults. We will use food and finance as the integrating force for teaching and learning for a sustainable future. Students are engaged in interdisciplinary project-based learning, portfolio development, internships and entrepreneurial ventures.
At Food and Finance High School, students are part of a small learning community that focuses on culinary arts and finance related to the industry.
Students strive to meet both academic, and industry standards, ensuring that they are prepared to go on to college as well as being able to obtain a good job.

FoodChange our lead community partner's mission is to improve lives through nutrition, education and financial empowerment.

As an agent of change, FoodChange understands that the issues of food and income are interconnected and require creative solutions. They use direct service, education, policy and advocacy to achieve their goals.

FoodChange is the school's community lead partner, bringing expertise in nutrition and in promoting access to healthy food.
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