Ms. Bae         (6th Grade)

Students will engage in hands-on learning using FOSS kits, to practice problem-solving skills, develop positive scientific attitudes, learn new science content, and increase their scientific literacy.  Mott Hall Science & Technology Academy utilizes Glencoe Science products that helps teachers differentiate and accommodate all learners! A range of labs, content area reading, discussion strategies, note-taking tools, and activities provides students with multiple experiences of each Science Standard.

In sixth grade, our units of study include simple and complex machines, weather, diversity of life, and interdependence.

Students are expected to work in pairs and groups, conduct experiments, gather data, and draw conclusions about the world around them. As a department wen work towards helping students become experienced scientists. We also encourage the exploration of social & ethical questions relating to science.


                               THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE

    "The study of science fires pupils' curiosity about phenomena in the world around them and offers opportunities to find explanations. It engages learners at many levels, linking direct practical experience with scientific ideas. Experimentation and modelling are used to develop and evaluate explanations, encouraging critical and creative thought. Pupils learn how knowledge and understanding in science are rooted in evidence. They learn to question and discuss issues that may affect their own lives, the directions of societies and the future of the world. "

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