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The mission of P79M/Dr. Horan School is to provide quality instructional programs to all students age 8 — 21 with different special needs. We combine traditional education methods with adaptations and modifications to provide stimulating programs for students. Our focus is to develop students’ academic, vocational, communication and social skills to the fullest extent possible to enable them to enjoy improved life outcomes as productive members of society.

To accomplish the mission, each student is the focal point of an interdisciplinary team that meets to asses the student’s present level of functioning and design appropriate programmatic goals and instructional objectives. Planning conferences with parents are held and promote our belief that parents are our partners in education and the strongest advocates for their children.

To further provide students with occupational skills, we have a variety of career paths which include but are not limited to culinary path, building management, clerical/general office skills, publications, self-advocacy, photo journalism, arts and humanities and adaptive designs. These skills are then reinforced at our many on-site and off-site work study programs.

Students that are between the ages of 14.9 — 17 will participate in the career path programs within the school and students who are between the ages of 18 — 21 are often provided with off-site work-study experience and/or an opportunity to transfer to the Transition Center at PS 751M. A small stipend is often given to students for work done within the school or at work-sites. During the summer Chapter 683 program students often get chosen (by lottery by the City of New York) to participate in the paid summer Youth Employment Program.

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