Science  Department 

Mrs. Bungarz              1st, 3rd, & 4th Grade     Room 315

Mrs. Fabi                     5th & 6th Grade            Room 415

Mrs. Balsamo              7th & 8th Grade            Room 413

Mrs. Lorenzo               7th & 8th Grade            Room 411

Why Learn Science?

In the modern world, some knowledge of science is essential for everyone. Science should be as nonnegotiable a part of basic education as are language arts and mathematics. It is important to teach science because of the following:

Science is a significant part of human culture and represents one of the pinnacles of human thinking capacity. It provides a laboratory of common experience for development of language, logic, and problem-solving skills in the classroom. A democracy demands that its citizens make personal and community decisions about issues in which scientific information plays a fundamental role, and they hence need knowledge of science as well as an understanding of scientific methodology. For some students, it will become a lifelong vocation or avocation. The nation is dependent on the technical and scientific abilities of its citizens for its economic competitiveness and national needs.

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