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We Believe:

·        Each student has the right to be a productive, proud, participating member of a family, community and society.

·        All students deserve a just quality of life.

·        School is a place where students are safe, nurtured, valued and are involved in opportunities and experiences that maximize their potential.

·        School is a place where all constituents work in harmony receiving all necessary supports.

·        In the importance of a partnership with parents, that supports and respects their aspirations for their children.  It is the school’s responsibility to equip students who have autism with skills that lead to maximum independence.

·        Students should:

     -       Be literate

     -       Be able to communicate choices

     -       Be able to apply skills learned in school to their adult life

     -       Be able to maintain positive relationships with friends and family

     -       Be able to appreciate and participate in the arts

     -       Be able to care for their personal needs

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Elementary Unit at P178
Elena Talamo-Mirabal, Assistant Principal
Dana Cilento, Unit Teacher

Elementary Unit at P153
Erica Faccilonga, Assistant Principal
Vicki McKenna, Unit Teacher
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