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School Nurse
Mrs. Peggy Licciardello, R.N.
Office Location: Room 208
Office Telephone: (718)850-4345

Please advise the school nurse of any chronic illnesses and / or food or other allergies that your child has.  You and your child’s physician must complete a “504 form” which provides details about these chronic health conditions and the medications your child is prescribed.

    School Procedures/Policies Regarding Illness, Medications & Immunizations

    If your child becomes sick in school

    The school will contact you immediately.  It is your responsibility to come to school and pick up your child.  If you are unavailable, the person on the blue emergency card will be contacted.  Please keep the school office informed of all changes in telephone numbers, addresses, contacts, etc.  The school must have up-to-date information in order to reach you in case of illness or an emergency.


    To protect your child’s health, do not send him/her with the following conditions

    Fever of 100 F or higher


    Upset Stomach

    Infected Skin Patches

    Sore Throat

    “Pink Eye” (Conjunctivitis)

    Swollen Glands

    Head Lice

    Vomiting or Diarrhea

    Unusual Spots or Rashes

    Persistent Cough


     If your child has:                     He/She Must Be Kept out of school:

    Chicken Pox

    5 days after appearance of rash

    Rubella (German Measles)

    Until rash has disappeared


    5 days after appearance of rash


    Until all of the swelling of the glands has disappeared

    Whooping Cough

    14 days after whoop begins


    Until temperature has become normal


    Until temperature has become normal

    Streptococcal Sore Throat

    Until temperature has become normal


    By keeping your child home, you are not only helping him/her to get well faster, you are also preventing the illness from spreading to other members of the class and staff.  Let the school know as soon as possible that your child is ill.  When you child returns to school, give him/her a note for the teacher/nurse explaining the absence, or provide a note from the treating physician. 

    Medication Policy                                                                         

    During school hours, students may have their medications given to them by the school nurse.  However, their Medication Administration Record (Form 504) must be filled out and signed by the doctor and parent.  All medication must be in appropriate containers and properly labeled by the pharmacy or physician with the dosage/schedule.  A photo of your child must be on the container.  Please advise the school nurse of any chronic illnesses and / or food or other allergies that your child has.  Please be aware that your child must not bring medication to school.  If your child is taking antibiotics, cold or allergy medications, etc., these must be administered at home. 


    If you have questions about medications or your child’s health during school hours, please contact the nurse.    Our School Nurse, Peggy Licciardello, R.N., can be reached at (718) 850-4345.


    Immunization Requirements

    The New York State Department of Education and the Board of Health requires documentation be secured providing that all children who come to school are fully immunized.   We are required to exclude children that are not immunized and do not have documentation from a physician indicating the reason.


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