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ESL (English as a Second Language)

English As a Second Language at PS 111/IS 111

There are more than or over a hundred ESL students at PS 111/IS 111.  These ESL students or ELL's come from all over the world. The abbreviation, ELL, means English Language Learner. Students who speak another language must take a test call the Language Assessment Battery when they first enter the New York City Public Schools. This

test determines if a new student needs to study ESL. This test also tells the ESL teacher if the student is at the Beginner, Intermediate or Advance level in English. Beginner & Intermediate ELL's receive 8 periods of ESL per week. Advanced ELL's receive 4 periods of ESL a week.



 Below is an outline of the ESL program at Adoplh S. Ochs School Academy.


-Ms. Singer, ESL teacher grades Kindergarten, First, Second , Third.

-Ms. Chapman, ESL teacher Grades 3-5.

-Ms. Chaska, ESL teacher Grades 3-8.



ELLs are grouped according to their English level and grade to receive ESL. During ESL class ELLs do activities to help their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.

            Here are some activities & resources that are for students in ESL class.

             -Grammar Chants.

-Word study.

-Activities to support the learning of vocabulary Reading & Writing about daily life, for example, school, home, etc.

            -Activities,which support reading & writing in different genres.

            -ELLs receive material to help them with projects in social studies

            -Computers in the classrooms with programs to help Newcomers learn vocabulary, reading & writing.

            -A multi-genre library at many reading level

            -Content area libraries in social studies and science

            -CDs and listening centers for use in ESL and in the classroom.

           -Many pictures.

-Graphic organizers.           

-Maps and realia for example.

-Models of real life things such as farm animals,pyramids,etc.







Ms Singer, Ms Chapman & Ms Chaska sometimes pushes into the classrooms to help teachers with ELLS. They also pull students out in groups to teach ESL. The ESL teachers also provide teachers with advice and materials to support ELLs.


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