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To prepare for college and life, Bronx Lab School students engage in meaningful and contextual academic work, participate in a nurturing community, explore their passions, and learn to value effort as a means to success.

To achieve this mission, the school provides a rigorous, liberal arts, college preparatory experience. Students at Bronx Lab are taught by dedicated educators whose work ethic and philosophy represent the core values of the school community: an unwavering commitment to rigor and high academic standards;  experiential and varied instruction;  working to improve the community; democratic values; intense, project-based academic work; inquiry-based learning, differentiated lesson planning; and daily small-group advisories.

Explore Week
 Explore Week is an important design feature at Bronx Lab that extends learning beyond the classroom and traditional hours of the school day.  Three times a year, the school community participates in an Explore Week experience, which lasts anywhere from three to five days.  Explore Weeks provide the time, space and opportunity to apply what students have learned over the course of the trimester in a real world context.  It also requires that students step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves in new environments.  Explore Weeks follow this basic format:

·         Explore Week I – Outdoor Experience

·         Explore Week II -- Community Service

·         Explore Week II -- College Visit (This EW opportunity is extended only to students who earn it by exhibiting exemplary behavior and academics.)

Extended Day
 Extended day programming provides a wide variety of learning opportunities for students.  It is designed to support, enrich and extend student learning.  Faculty and staff make themselves available in the after-school hours to assist and tutor students in need of remediation.  During any given semester, extended day programming also includes learning opportunities in the performing and visual arts, chess, drama and athletics.  Extended Day runs from 3:15-4:45 PM on Mondays and Thursdays, and is complemented by Office Hours, SAT & PSAT prep, seasonal Regents Prep classes, etc.

Extended Year
 We offer a three week Summer Institute for students who have failed semesters during the school year.  The program is designed for students to demonstrate mastery of the skills they struggled with during the school year through project based learning opportunities.  As students master the skills and produce quality products, they graduate out of the program.  The program features a small teacher to student ratio.  As students graduate out the ratio gets smaller and smaller, thereby ensuring that the students who need the most support receive it. 

We also offer a three week academic residency at the Hotchkiss School, an elite summer science camp in Connecticut.  Acceptance is based on teacher recommendation and successful completion of the application packet.  Those who cannot afford the tuition are subsidized by Bronx Lab School.

Summer Travel
 Bronx Lab has sponsored travel abroad programs each summer for deserving Bronx Lab students.  In each of the past four summers, Bronx Lab delegations have travelled as far away as China and Ecuador to engage in community service and eco-studies.  Since August 2008 a group of Bronx Lab cyclists has toured the Underground Railroad north of Cincinnati every summer. In 2011 we were the only New York City school selected to travel with the Learning AFAR-Global Explorers Program to Tulum, Mexico.

Fundraising responsibilities for these trips (trips usually costs between $15,000-20,000 each) are shared by the organizing staff, participating students, and Friends of Bronx Lab board.  Student travelers are selected through a rigorous application process, and work through the spring semester to plan and organize for their trip.

All staff are encouraged to participate in the BLS Summer Travel program. If you have an idea of a great destination for next summer please speak with the principal.         

 The program is designed to provide real-world learning experiences for Bronx Lab students during their sophomore year. You are required to apply to the program. The program will place you, our outstanding young adults, in semester long internships with organizations throughout New York City.

The Bronx Lab School’s Internship Program is designed to provide real-world learning experiences for Bronx Lab stu­dents, beginning in their second year of high school. The program, offered by application to the Bronx Lab student body, places outstanding young adults in semes­ter long internships with organizations throughout New York City. Through their participation and successful completion of their internship, students will earn credit toward graduation.

Bronx Lab School: Three Big Rocks

An Introduction

College Achievement
Use diverse student data to drive student achievement

 ·         By 2014, 80% of students will earn a 65% or higher the first time they take the Regents.

·         Revise College Portfolios to include 4 year academic plans

·         Create a recruitment plan for incoming 8th graders

·         Organize and celebrate 4th Annual College March Madness

Classroom Practices
Students understand learning outcomes and assess their own learning against these

·         Ensure that all lessons have clear and worthy Mastery objective posted for every lesson

·         Assess students against those objectives

·         Align Gateway Projects and Capstones to CCSS

·         Roll out  DDI (Science, Math, & ELA)

·         Continue PLTS and start them earlier in year

·         Continue to expand the Independent Reading Program

Culture, Climate, & Community
Adults and students live by a code of conduct aligned to the school’s mission, vision, and values.

·         Continue the BLS 5

·         Continue the “100% Respect” campaign

·         Strengthen Advisory-Continue a 9th Grade Advisory Curriculum & Introduce a 10th Grade Advisory Curriculum

·         Continue the many school wide celebrations

·         Hold  a September School Wide Assembly

·         Increase parent participation at school events and parent teacher conferences.

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