Our Mission Statement

At PS 222, we celebrate cultural, ethnic and academic diversity. We believe that maintaining high expectations for all of our students, including English Language Learners and Special Education students, is critical to their success. We are dedicated to the education of the whole child and strive to create an atmosphere in which all students are nurtured emotionally and receive the support necessary to excel academically. We recognize that all children bring their own templates of individual talents and learning styles.

At PS 222, we incorporate the Common Core Standards and Habits of Mind into every area of the curriculum in order to foster academic excellence in all of our students. It is our firm belief that by maintaining academic rigor in a respectful and nurturing environment, we will help all of our children to reach their fullest potential.

Our Community

Public School 222 values the resources found in our community. We have long standing relationships with the following Community Based Organizations:

· Bergen Beach Youth Organization (Millennium After School Program)
· Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office (Law Program)
· Boy Scouts
· Girl Scouts
· James Madison High School
· Marine Park Civic Association
· Marine Park Junior High School
· New Adventures After School Program
· Xaverian High School
· Xavier High School

New & Exciting Programs/Clubs

Photographer Club

  • Fifth grade students applied to be part of the P.S.222 Photography Club. These students attend all of our school events to capture the moments through the use of our school i-pad. Additionally, these students also take monthly pictures of our Students of the Month. 
Debate Club
  • Fifth grade students applied to be part of the P.S. 222 Debate Team. We currently have 20 students who meet Ms. Hanley after school on Tuesday @ 2:35 to learn about debating, The long term goal is have these students debate, in front of an audience, on a school related issue. 
Student Council
  • Each year third, fourth and fifth graders are voted into our Student Council by their peers. These students meet with Ms. Altimari and help in the shared-decision making as representatives of the student body. 

Discipline Code

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