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Stuyvesant High School has been a symbol of excellence in education for over a century. Our mission is to continue and enhance that commitment by providing an environment which will nurture and enhance the special academic talents of the students admitted to Stuyvesant. The educational heritage of Stuyvesant is deeply rooted in the tradition of Science, Mathematics and Technology. This has been the foundation of our educational success and must remain the cornerstone of our educational program. Within this context, the goal of this institution is to instill the intellectual, moral and humanistic values necessary for each child to achieve his/her maximum potential as a student and as a caring citizen of the world.
The school curriculum is designed for gifted and talented students. Advanced placement courses in all areas; research programs in mathematics, science and social sciences. Linkages with prestigious universities provide mentor/research opportunities.
The school offers over 100 clubs, 30 publications and 26 athletic teams. A very strong and active Student Union also allows hundreds of students to be actively involved in student life. Six musical performing groups are supported as well as championship Mathematics and Speech and Debate Teams.
We have many partnerships, including: Arts Connection, City College, Chinatown Health Clinic, New York University, Columbia University, Rockefeller University, Downtown Alliance, NY Law School.
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