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We provide educational services
while your child is hospitalized.

Welcome to the Hospital Schools Program. Our

knowledgeable staff will provide for your child’s

educational needs while hospitalized, either at

bedside or in a small group setting. Our teachers

will support your child so he or she can continue

to develop their educational goals.

Our mission is to enable your child to return to

school with individual gains. Our teachers adhere to

all New York State Standards and will provide your

child with instructional materials.

We wish your child a speedy recovery and we will

offer our support in the transition back to their

home school.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing educational services

for all school aged public, private and parochial

students who are hospitalized for chronic/acute

medical/orthopedic/psychiatric conditions. Our

program adheres to all New York State Performance

Standards and establishes a close liaison with the

students’ home schools.

Parents often ask, how can I support my child while

he/she is in the hospital or recuperating at home?

Teamwork is key to your
child's success in school

Parents can support their child by doing the

following prior to a planned hospital stay or

during his/her admission:

• Contact your child’s home school and inform them

of your child’s hospital stay.

• Contact your child’s teacher and try to get the work

that your child will miss while in the hospital. The

child’s regular teacher can help to determine what

material to focus on. If at all possible, bring your

child’s books to the hospital.

• You can bring or have your child’s assignments faxed

or emailed to the hospital after making contact with

the hospital teacher.

• If your child has been identified as a special needs child

you should make every attempt to bring his or her IEP

to the hospital to share with the hospital teacher.

• Upon your child’s discharge, it is very important for

the parent to obtain a medical note regarding the

child’s hospitalization and his/her medical/physical/

emotional readiness to return to school. Please make

sure to see the attendance secretary, so that he/she

can be readmitted.

What are the advantages of attending
school while your child is hospitalized?

Since illnesses often result in lengthy absences from

school that impact on your child’s learning and grades,

attending school while in the hospital can help your

child maintain his/her academic standing. While your

child participates in the familiar activities of school,

some of the stress related to being hospitalized can be

reduced. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child

to get that much needed one:one instruction and


Your child can take Regents, ELA/Math exams required

for promotion while hospitalized. Students receive

grades while attending our program which are

forwarded to their home schools. The Hospital Schools

teacher can facilitate your child’s return to his/her

community school or they can help arrange for Home

Instruction. NYC public school and parochial school

students are eligible for attendance credit once they

attend the Hospital School Program for three

consecutive days.

What happens if your child is not medically
able to return to school?

Home Instruction Services

A student who is in need of home instruction services

due to an accident, illness, orthopedic or other medical

condition may be eligible for home instruction.

Consult with your child’s hospital teacher and/or social

worker regarding this educational service.

For more information, feel free to visit their website at:

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