Welcome to the Art Department

    The Art Department at August Martin High School offers our
    students a five (5) strand Studio in Art Curriculum; Arts Making,
    Literacy in the Arts, Making Connections, Community and Cultural Resources and Careers and Life-long Learning.  By participating fully in the art program students will meet the four New York State Learning Standards for the arts.  Discussions about the history, principles and elements of art design will lay the foundation for students to create projects reflecting those principles.  Additionally, students will be exposed to the vocational options available in visual and fine arts.  Our objective is to nurture the creative abilities in our students through enriched exposure and practical application.

    The arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the
    interconnectedness of all forms of knowing.  They are a powerful means to improve general education.” ~ Charles Fowler

    Select students participate in the Inter-disciplinary Curriculum
    where we provide a sequential development of studies that
    examine the connection of the arts to other content areas
    embedding the study of the arts in various social, cultural and
    historical contexts.  Students are able to expand their
    understanding of the world in which they live while developing
    artistic skills useful in determining post-secondary and career
    paths.  Teachers work collaboratively to create units that reinforce central themes and time frames from art, literature and history.  It is through participation in a meaningful arts education program that students become empowered to develop as critical thinkers, creative producers, and productive citizens.  These students receive a double period of Art instruction.

    We will be expanding our program to offer the Advanced Regents Diploma in Art.  Students will be eligible to receive Advanced Regents diploma by substituting a 3-year visual arts sequence, culminating in a Visual Arts Regents in Lieu of a Foreign Language Regents.


    I.        Elements and principles of art and design
    II.       Color Theory
    ·         Primary and secondary colors
    ·         Complementary and analogous colors
    ·         Hue, chroma, value, tint and shade

    III.       Drawing Still Life
    ·         Use of perspective
    ·         Scale of objects
    ·         Overlapping
    ·         Cropping
    ·         Personal interpretation

    IV.      Contour Line Drawing
    ·         Six methods of creating shading
    ·         Creating a color value chart

    V.      Identifying Media in Art
    ·         Drawing – pencil, charcoal, ink, oil, pastels and chalk
    ·         Painting – watercolors and tempera
    ·         Printmaking – woodblock, linoleum block, Intaglio                 
    Lithograph, silk-screen
    ·         Sculpture – relief, in the round carving, casting, modeling,

    VI.     Careers in the Visual Arts
    ·         Fine Arts, Graphic arts – stock art
    ·         Fashion, interior design, architecture
    ·         Crafts, T.V., Theater, Museums
    VII.     Graphic Design
    ·         Creating Logos
    ·         Lettering styles, parts and construction
    ·         Motif/Surface design
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