Business & Law Academy

Janice Henry, Leader

The Business & Law Academy represents an alternative to the
traditional high school  by creating a more personalized and
supportive small learning community for teachers and students,
which integrates academic and career-related courses.  The
meaningful learning experiences provided at the academy provide
students with the ability and motivation to rise to the challenges
presented in the global marketplace of the 21st Century.  Individual
responsibility, commitment to the community and the need for
diversity in social relations and Intellectual choices are the values
that are reflected in the curriculum at the Business & Law Academy.

A Leadership Team consisting of educators, administrators, parents
and community representatives have designed curriculum to meet
the needs of both students who will attend college or go directly into
the workforce.  Students become the producers and teachers act as
facilitators while stressing team cooperation and competition.  
Furthermore, through our rigorous instructional program and
professional development programs, students learn the current
technology and its applications in the real world.  Students and
teachers develop an appreciation for learning as a lifelong
commitment with continual upgrading into retirement.

Assessment will be authentic based on project-based learning as
well as an emphasis on passing standardized tests.  With the
emphasis on what students can do in the real world as well as
compliance in performance-based standards, students can achieve
skill levels that will enable them to participate in the workforce
through internship programs (law firms and fortune 500 companies)
as well as pass proficiency examinations necessary for entrance into
college programs for Associate or Baccalaureate degrees).

The courses offered at the Business & Law Academy will span the
four-year high school experience and will include a menu of choices
for business and electives.  All courses will focus on
student-centered teaching strategies.  Students will receive
certification of initial and advanced mastery of law-related subject
areas and critical thinking skills.  

Scheduled Meetings:  Meetings for the Business & Law Academy
are scheduled to occur during common planning periods.