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Welcome to the Mathematics Department!

Maria D. Rodriguez, Assistant Principal

The Mathematics department offers a full and comprehensive academic program.  Our expectation is that every student at the high School for Arts and Business will take four years of Mathematics.  We offer intensive preparation for Regents and Advanced Placement exams in order to help all students succeed.  To meet the Common Core Standards initiative, and to help all students transition to college and technical careers, our goal is to help students master the Mathematics curriculum and to take challenging courses.

All of our classes are aligned to the New York State Math Standards and the Common Core Standards

Mathematics Course offerings:



CORE CURRICULUM                                                     

Integrated Algebra

Regents Exam in Integrated Algebra


Regents Exam in Geometry

Algebra II & Trigonometry

Regents Exam in Algebra II & Trigonometry

AP Computer Science

Advanced Placement/ College Board


Departmental Final Exam

Departmental Curriculum

Problem Solving

Departmental Final Exam

Departmental Curriculum


Mathematics Course Descriptions

Integrated Algebra

Integrated Algebra is a one-year course that prepares students to take the Integrated Algebra Regents exam. Students who pass this exam will have met their math requirement for a Regents diploma. Students will study algebraic techniques and apply those techniques to problem solving; second degree equations, graphing linear and quadratic equations, beginning trigonometry concepts, coordinate geometry, and statistics.


Geometry is a one-year course that prepares students to take the Geometry Regents exam. Students will study topics in plane and solid geometry and learn to write formal geometric proofs.

Advanced Algebra & Geometry

Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry is a one-year course that prepares students to take the Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents exam. Students who pass this exam, along with the Integrated Algebra Regents exam and Geometry Regents exam, will have met their NYS math requirement for an Advanced Regents Diploma. Topics include the Real Number System, solutions of equations and inequalities, study of functions, conic sections, trigonometry, identities, probability and statistical regression.


This it is a continuation of the algebraic concepts learned in Algebra2/Trigonometry including sequences & series, polynomials, and conic sections, as well as logarithms, matrices and systems of equations.

Advanced Placement Computer Science

This course is equivalent to a college level computer science course and is an in-depth study of computer programming in the JAVA language. The course covers fundamental algorithms and data structures. Through programs done in class and in the computer lab.  Students will be prepared for the Advanced Placement exam in Computer Science.

Problem Solving

This course is open to all students, is designed to investigate problem-solving techniques in mathematics.

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