In today’s fast-paced technological society, science continues to play an integral role in daily business, career and routine home activities. To have a reasonable understanding of the modern and future world, the study of science is essential and must, therefore, be a vital part of every student’s program. All students are required to take science all four years.

Students must pass at least one science Regents exam and successfully complete at least two units of Regents Science at the Senior High level by graduation. One credit must be in Living Environment, the other from the Physical Setting. For an Advanced Regents Diploma, a student will need to pass two Regents exams – Living Environment and Chemistry.

Below is an overview of our science program. It is important to note the sequential nature of the classes. For the complete program to be comprehensive, the student should be exposed to the basic principles of the living and physical environments. Thus, the science program with its core subjects and electives, which provide added enrichment and diversity, fulfills the college prerequisites and provides a basis for possible career choices.

In order to take the Regents examinations, a student must satisfy a minimum time requirement in a laboratory setting and must satisfactorily complete the appropriate laboratory reports. A student who does not meet these two requirements is ineligible to take the Regents examination.

Living Environment

This course develops the understanding and appreciation of the inter-relationships among living things including areas such as cellular biology, anatomy and physiology, bio-chemistry, plant and animal maintenance, reproduction and development, genetics, ecology, and evolution. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed upon laboratory skills, including data analysis. There is a minimum lab requirement for this course. All students must pass Living Environment in order to meet the minimum requirement for graduation.

Chemistry-Physical Setting

This course of study presents a modern view of chemistry suitable for pupils with a wide range of skills and abilities. The course focuses on unifying principles of chemistry and their related facts, which are basic to human understanding of the environment. Major units include such areas as matter and energy, atomic structure, bonding, organic chemistry, mathematics of chemistry, kinetics, acid-base theories and electro-chemistry. There is a minimum lab requirement for this course.

Physics-Physical Setting

Designed for the academic student in eleventh or twelfth grade who wishes to study physics in depth, this course presents a modern view of physics with an emphasis on fundamental concepts. The basic areas of study include mechanics, waves, electricity, energy and modern physics. There is a minimum lab requirement for this course.

Authentic Science Research 9th grade

Authentic Science Research is a 3-year program (grades 9 through 11). This course is designed to foster the necessary skills and competencies in scientific research. Students will be asked to design, implement and evaluate their own research in an agreed upon an ongoing project. Actual research will commence with a literature search, continue with internet research and be finalized with actual physical experiments in their chosen field. Work will continue towards the presentation of their own original research at a city university. Students must begin this course in their freshman year to be eligible in their sophomore and senior years.

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