Project Empowerment
    Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

    As part of our mission to provide an enriching environment for social-emotional development, the staff at 811M will be executing Project Empowerment, a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system.


    The purpose of Project Empowerment is to help students become successful at P811M and successful in life. To do this, we have developed a point system that will help you recognize your appropriate and acceptable behaviors.


    Point System

    Students will be able to earn up to 82 points per day by following school rules and making good choices. They will begin each day and each period by choosing to earn or not earn points depending on your work and behavior. No one takes points away—though students may choose to not earn them by not making good choices.


    In all cases, earned points are always recorded in a student "bankbook" and can NEVER be taken away. The point system is based on LEVELS; each level entitling students to special privileges.


    The growth system (rewards, levels) and corrective system (time-outs, consequences, loss of privileges) are intended to help modify our students’ behaviors to enable them to be placed in less restrictive settings.


    Time Out

    In a ballgame, timeout is called to change a play or strategy, bring players in or out, or hear from the coach. The game might not be going right, so they call for timeout to possibly fix something or try something new.


    In school, a need for timeout may come up for you too. Your behavior usually brings this about. You might need to sit down, chill out, and think of a better game plan to finish out your school day. It's not a time to just sit on the bench (time out room) because you don't like what the coach (teacher) wants you to do. It is a time for you to take a breather, relax, plan a new strategy and then get back into the ballgame (classroom).


    One of the keys to the success of Project Empowerment is that we all adopt the same standards of behavior in determining the awarding of points and the consistency by which we do so. It is also essential that we use the same language with our students, and administer the corrective (time-out) program with the same guidelines and uniformity.

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