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  • Our Mission
West Side Collaborative challenges students to develop into inquisitive, thoughtful individuals with a sense of responsibility to themselves and their community. We recognize and nurture multiple intelligences and design instructional approaches to build every student's understanding. Through a project-based curriculum that integrates technology, humanities, the arts and sciences, students learn to become independent thinkers, make meaningful choices and value growth through exploration and reflection. Teams of teachers on each grade work collaboratively to create opportunities for individualized and small group instruction. Together they design curriculum that enables students to use knowledge in new ways. Our goal is that each student develop the skills necessary to meet and exceed the standards.

  • Special Programs
We have affiliations with The New York City Opera, Newsweek Business Partnership, City College's Upward Bound Liberty Scholars Program and the Educational Video Center. In addition, students learn how to use video and digital cameras as well as computer editing programs to create original films and web-sites.

  • Extracurricular Activities
Mentor and internship opportunities, after-school classes in literacy, math, dance, and Boys and Girls Basketball (depending on funding).

  • Our Community
West Side Collaborative makes use of the wonderful resources available in our local community, including museums, performance spaces, colleges, and libraries.
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