Our Mission

We provide our students with the academic, social and emotional skills necessary for success in their careers and family lives. We recognize that all children have the ability to learn. Our program is designed to assist all students in their exploration of their own individual intelligences, and to provide opportunities for them to access their potential. We offer an instructional environment that supports students and prepares them for higher learning and successful participation in the workforce of the 21st century. We strive to maintain a school that is not only rigorous in academic and technological preparation, but embraces the growth of kindness, caring, curiosity, emotional literacy, and critical thinking in order to foster an ethical society. We encourage the involvement of each parent/guardian in their child's educational experience via formal and informal means of contact throughout the school year.

Special Programs

Literacy Program; Math & Science Enrichment; Computer Technology; Community Service; Culinary Arts; Art; A+ Computer Repair; Music; College Now; Saturday Academy; CISCO Academy; Fit for Life; Accelerated Middle School Math, English and Earth Science. Accelerated High School Program.

Extracurricular Activities

PSAL Swim Team; PSAL Basketball Team; Yearbook; Independent Studies; Leadership; Teacher/Student Competitions; Peer Tutorial; Annual Performances. CIVIS, Intramural Basketball team.

Our Community

NYC Mentoring; NY Cares; Medgar Evers College; NYC Partnership; Key Span; Brooklyn College; Computers for Youth; NYC Outward Bound; East NY Development Corp.

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