Assistant Principal: Mr. Michael Saporito
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Instructors: L. Golman, T. Harlin, A. Deppe

Art 1
Course Code: A1
Required of all students
The course of study for Art 1 stresses an exploratory and experimental approach with emphasis on individual growth, freedom of expression, individual use of art media, and art appreciation. The students will learn about the common elements of art such as line, shape, form, color and texture. An in-depth study will be made of the principles of design, including balance, harmony, rhythm, variety and focal point. Throughout the course, students are exposed to artifacts of past civilizations, as well as 20th century art pieces to inspire their own creativity. This course will be the foundation for all advanced classes in Fine Arts.

Major Art 1
Course Code: AD
Drawing and Painting
This course will emphasize the various components of creating visually exciting and sound compositions. The course will cover use of elements, varying shapes, color intensity and texture to create a point of emphasis, establish rhythm, and direct eye movements. Students will be encouraged to create paintings that convey a mood, a sense of depth, and visual interest. The student will begin an in-depth concentration in the study of the rules of color and techniques of watercolor painting and colored pencil. Landscape, interior, and cityscape projects will challenge the students in proficiency of these techniques. All major art students are required to keep a drawing journal, which will be used to inspire future subjects. Each student will compile a portfolio of work that expresses his/her own interests and inner voice.

Major Art 2
Course Code: AF
Fashion Design and Illustration
This course covers the development of Fashion Design and Illustration, its function of enhancing the fashion figure, and the processes involved in designing garments and preparing fashion illustrations for reproduction. Students will be introduced to assignments found in the world of fashion design and illustration to develop their knowledge and understanding of its principle skills and aesthetic values.

Major Art 3
Course Code: 3 AP
Painting, Drawing and Sculpture
The students will experiment with a variety of drawing techniques including realistic and abstract approaches. Materials will include pencil, charcoal, ink, and markers. In addition, the students will explore the art form of sculpture. Emphasis will be on the creative and expressive application of three-dimensional forms in a variety of media such as wood, clay, wire, papier-mache and plaster. The course will provide fundamental experiences in creating three-dimensional designs through a study of lines, plans, forms, volumes, textures, and colors in space. Students will focus on the development of sculptures as seen in the philosophies, attitudes, and work of artists, past and present. Students will interpret their thoughts, ideas and feelings in the solution of aesthetic problems.

Art Studio 1
Course Code: AM11
Advanced Art, Portfolio and Mural Development
Emphasis will be on portfolio development by individual experiences in graphic design, animation, cartooning and fashion. Group experiences in designing murals for the school and other public areas will offer new art dimensions to these advanced students. This course is designed to help students understand and appreciate, through the process of aesthetic judgement and practical hands-on experiences, the role of the arts in society. By participating in a variety of art activities, the students will be guided toward their aesthetic sensibilities. The uniqueness of the individual, the development of self-image, and a greater understanding of others, will also be addressed. An awareness of the world in which we live will be developed through selection of subject matter that will be interpreted through the elements and principles of design. This sequential form of communication utilizing writing and visual literacy will enable students to express themselves through an extremely popular medium.

Art Studio 2
Course Code: AM12
Advanced Art II
Emphasis will be placed on art as a vocation and/or a vocation with an emphasis on college, art school, and career guidance. This is a course that enables the student to employ all of his or her past art training in a new, experimental situation requiring originality and creativity. The primary aim of the course is to make the student aware, through creative assignments, that art can be used as an excellent form of expression and communication.

Course Code: AM13
Advanced Art III
This class is for advanced art students who plan to apply to an art college or advanced art school. Each student will compile a portfolio of work that expresses his/her own interests and inner voice. This course is enriched with career guidance, representatives from leading art schools, and visitations from aspiring new artists.

Course Code: AM14
Advanced Art IV
Portfolios will be stressed, as well as, developing art entries for school-wide art service programs and art competitions within and outside the school.

Art Studio 5
Course Code AM15
Advanced Art V
This course completes the art program for students who will be going to an art school or college. It is a continuation of the Art Studio programs, with more hands-on experiences to further develop individual growth and style. Students work independently on a cohesive body of work. Portfolios will be updated on a continuing basis.

Computer Graphics 1 and 2
Course Codes: AT1 and AT2
These courses involve the use of computers to develop and create artistic designs and compositions. The students will learn how to operate a computer, become computer literate, and develop the necessary skills to use a computer as an artistic tool. Students will create a calendar, book cover, a magazine layout plan, an art program and animation.

Design for Jewelry 1
Course Code: ADJ
This design course will examine products and designs of many cultures, and how environment, resources, techniques and economics of the culture influenced the design. A study of the work of the past will be rewarding as an inspiration, a lesson in problem solving, and as a means of understanding the principles of design. Students will be able to appreciate cultural influences in design and the limitations of technology during that time frame. The goal of this course is to develop a portfolio of fine designs in jewelry.

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Instructors: E. Brown, S. Koenig, B. Nagel

Required Music
Course Code: U1
One term of music appreciation is required for graduation. In music appreciation, students will explore music through the study of jazz, popular music, instruments of the orchestra, important musicians and singers, and an opportunity to sing and play a wind instrument. This will be a listening and performing course.

Junior Band
Course Code:UDJ
This course is for students who can play a musical instrument and would like to play in a full band setting. Emphasis will be placed on making the students proficient enough to become a member of the Senior Band. The Junior Band does not perform at school functions.

Senior Band
Course Code: UDS
For instrumentalists who have studied privately or had experience in bands or orchestras prior to their entering New Utrecht. These are students who will be performing at New Utrecht. All types of music are studied including classical, popular and rock. Entrance into the senior groups is by audition and approval of the teacher.

Course Code UV
This choral group at New Utrecht includes boys and girls. Time will be spent on voice training and music reading. Much of the time however, will be spent on the learning of choral music, both popular and classical. The chorus will perform at school functions, concerts, hospitals, community functions, etc. Entrance into this course is by audition and approval of the teacher.

Course Codes: US1 and US2
If you want to play simple folk and pop tunes, learn to accompany yourself on guitar, or jam with a garage band, this is the course for you! You'll study music reading, chord symbols, finger-picking techniques, bass lines and accompaniment patterns. At the end of this course, you'll be able to play and arrange music from lead sheets.

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