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    Mrs. C. McLean

    Art Teacher

    Winning a contest and a birthday too!

    Fit to a tee! 


    Our second grader prize-winning T-shirt.

    Budding pop artist and PS 209 second grader Amna Ali sewed up the Aeropostale contest — “PS What Makes You Smile” — by designing a killer T-shirt. The very talented Amna won a $500 Aeropostale gift card and $5,000 for her school.

    Amna was selected from a nationwide pool of nearly 50,000 entries. Contestants were tasked to create an original design with “PS” incorporated into the artwork.

    Aeropostale reps presented the winnings to Principal Fran Locurcio and Amna, who was also celebrating her birthday, in addition to handing out 50 shirts featuring her wow design.

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