English as a Second Language (ESL)


The English as a Second Language program (ESL) at Queens Transition Center prepares English Language Learners (ELLs), students with a home language other than English, to acquire and use effectively English language skills and academic strategies to confidently and successfully participate in all content-area classrooms at QTC and be ready for college and workplace.


The goal of the ESL program at QTC is to create, implement and promote such educational practices that enable all English Language Learners not only gain knowledge and skills to achieve at high levels, but also gain ways of thinking and doing that prepare them for college, work and citizenship.

    English Language Learners


    Our English Language Learner (ELL) population continues to grow! We now have 83 ELLs in QTC, which is 21% of our total school population. These students represent 15 countries and 10 languages: El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Iran, China, Haiti, Bangladesh, Russia, Ecuador, Colombia, USA, Poland, Dominican Rep., Mexico, Turkey.

    Title III Supplemental Program for ELLs

    Our English Language Learners continue to participate successfully in Title III supplemental program with a focus on "Literacy through Civics Utilizing iPad Apps" in 2012-2013. We provide our ELLs with the tools and resources appropriate for the 21st Century Learners. Our ELLs individually use iPads that empowers them to maximize their full potential and prepares them for college and the workplace. Our successful technology immersion into ESL instruction gives our ELLs an opportunity to continue to take a more active role in their education and become independent learners.

     Every year more and more ELL parents join our school community for Title III after school program, which enables our school teachers and administration work closely with the parents, and meet their needs. On our workshops, parents with limited English language proficiency receive English language literacy lessons, technology lessons, learn how innovative tools such as iPods, iPads, SmartBoards enhance their children's academic success, personalize their learning and provide them with the skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce of the future.


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