ELA (English Language Arts)

Manhattan Hunter Science High School’s English program is unique and dynamic in that we align our studies with that of the History Department, creating a Humanities Curriculum. This allows students to experience literature in an historical context while developing a deeper understanding of our own society, as well as cultures we may be unfamiliar with. By covering literature from across the globe, we foster tolerance and aim for our students to both seek, and appreciate human diversity.

Our grade-specific focus includes world literature during freshman year. Students experience both traditional and non-traditional forms of literature from Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and Latin America. Sophomores study European literature and become learned with famous works and major authors in the literary canon, such as Sophocles, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Orwell, and Wiesel. Juniors experience a wide range of American Literature in addition to a focus on English Regents preparation as well as SAT preparation.

English department extra-curricular activities include a School Newspaper team and Book Club.

    English 1

    The English 1 course is designed to strengthen the communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening through the study of literature. Drama, poetry, short story, nonfiction, and the novel, are examined, and skills in note making, listening and analyzing fiction and nonfiction are emphasized. Language study stresses an understanding of sentence and paragraph patterns with an emphasis on subordination and transition. Library research skills and study skills continue.

    English 2

    The course presents various literary genres for study. Extensive study of writing process with emphasis on revision, note making and literary analysis make up the course. Students begin an analytical study of literature, with an emphasis in comparative writing, and continue their development in expository and experiential writing and speaking and listening skills.

    English 3

    English 3 emphasizes literary analysis, listening skills, critical reading and interpretation as demonstrated through mature written expression. All work is based on the English standards designated by the state. English 3 is designed to complete the student’s preparation for the ELA Regents examination in June. A passing grade on this examination is required for graduation.

    English 4

    In this final required year of English, the students begin to polish their language art skills and demonstrate an appreciation of literature through continued writing instruction, extensive vocabulary study, and a variety of literature based units. A senior multi-source paper and oral presentation are required for graduation.

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