Mathematics Department

Mr. Blaise
Mr. Dunne
Mr. Quamina
Ms. Vladimirov
Mr. Louis- Pierre 

Course Description

            Standardized assessment students at P753K take Integrated Algebra or geometry. Integrated Algebra includes equations, inequalities, functions, and exponents etc... Geometry includes construction, inductive reasoning, conditional statements, coordinate geometry and transformation etc…. and is done after successfully completing Integrated Algebra at the Regents level.



To increase students’ knowledge of concepts in Algebra and Geometry. To increase students’ communication and math skills and apply them to real world situations.


Student Expectations

            Students will understand mathematics and become mathematically confident by:

1-      Communicating and reasoning mathematically.

2-      Applying mathematics in real world situations.

3-      Solving problems through the integrated study of number systems and geometry.


Teacher Expectations

1-      Plan daily lessons by following the pacing calendar (course outline).

2-      Introduce each lesson with an interesting activity/motivational presentation (technology, problem of the day, hands on activity).

3-      To actively maintain and update a word wall, visual aids and material that supports the text.

4-      To maintain students portfolios.

5-      Provide modification to materials to accommodate all students and aid in comprehension of presented topics (differentiated instruction) taking the Regents and RCT examination.

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