English Language Arts


Mr. Leblanc       (6th Grade)
Ms. Foster         (6th Grade)

English grammar as well as composition and research skills. Courses which develop these abilities are among the most important that students can take.

The ELA outcomes identify the skills and strategies that students should develop as they become effective and independent readers. 

These reading skills and strategies are organized according to:

1. Reading Process Skills & Strategies

2. Informational Text Skills & Strategies

3. Literary Text Skills & Strategies 

Mott Hall Science & Technology Academy ELA teachers analyze previous ELA exams that have been administered to our students. This helps them  to effectively develop their units and lesson plans. Additionally, to assist our students to widen their vocabulary and to develop a greater understanding of the English language, we use the ACHIEVE 3000 program. 

The ELA teachers collaborate to use student assessment data to target the needs of students.  This additional support is offered through in-class Guided Reading and after-school programs.

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