Career Training

Cosmetology with Ms. Ramirez

               Career exploration students in this program navigate the various requirements and training needed to pursue a career in cosmetology under the guidance and expertise of a beauty consultant. Student provide makeup and wardrobe assistance to various events within the school district.

Media Arts with Ms. Nembhard

              Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide a balanced visual arts program, which guides students to achieve the standards in the visual arts. In filmmaking, students learn how to communicate ideas visually using basic filmmaking techniques incorporating historical and contemporary traditions.
              Media Arts incorporates the basic study of the principles and practices of video production and editing. The focus is on production planning, visual composition, lighting, and the recording and sequencing of shots. We put an emphasis on single camera videography, editing for broadcast, editing for non-broadcast, and multimedia applications. The other focus is on the tools used to create graphic content. In addition, students will engage in moderate career research as well as career exploration by assuming the roles of creative professionals and engaging in visual problem-solving as those in the profession do.


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