Career Training

Auto Shop - Mr. Alzate
Cosmetology - Ms. Ulysse
Culinary Arts - Ms. Small
Home Health Aide - Ms. Adams
Security Guard Certification - Ms. Bornstein

    Auto Shop
        Students learn basic auto maintenance, including changing oil, changing tires and working on cooling systems. They also learn how to use basic equipment, including power tools, with an emphasis on safety. Other highlights include removing, repairing and rebuilding an engine.

        Career exploration students in this program navigate the various requirements and training needed to pursue a career in cosmetology under the guidance and expertise of a beauty consultant. Students provide makeup and wardrobe assistance to various events within the school district.   
    Culinary Arts / Cooking
        The purpose of this class is to teach students how to prepare for the world of work and for independent living. Students are taught how to perpare and serve safe, healthy and wholesome foods to teaching staff and guests.

    Home Health Aide
        The Home Heath Aide curriculum was started in 2009 to train young adults to work in one of the fastest rising careers in the health care field. Students are trained to give skilled care to the ill, disabled, injured or dying population of clients who prefer to be cared for at home in familiar surroundings rather than in an institution.

    Security Certification Program
        The Security Preparation & Placement program trains students for their security guard license. Participating students will be able to receive a certification of completion. Students who are interested in continuing are offered help with resumes, fingerprints, state applications and placement assistance. 


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