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Mr. Kogan
Ms. Ross
Mr. Milien
Mr. Teagle
Ms. Aninye

    The science department and its faculty work together to create inquiry-based learning environments for all students. Currently, the following two extension programs are offered within the building:

    BTC Technical Science
    Mr. Milien, Teacher

        Throughout the course of this project, students learn how to plan and design detailed three-dimensional scale models of their own residential community. Furthermore, they come to clearly understand that the relationship between residential homes and the surrounding environment.  
        This unit helps students understand that Mathematics, Writing, Geometry, Arts, Earth Science, and Social Studies are important tools for successful Architects and Engineers.
        Students develop architectural understanding through various lessons. Some topics that are covered include the evolution of architectural styles, design factors, principles of design and design sequence, ecology planning, function and design of different areas of a house; as well as through various performance tasks such as sketching, designing and planning landscape and building architectural models. Students also summarize the process they went through to complete all aspects of their work via journal writing.

    SWIM Tank Project
    Mr. Kogan, Teacher

        Students With an Interest in Marine science (SWIM) Tank is a Do-It-Yourself program where students create 3D aquarium backgrounds from Styrofoam and concrete to create realistic habitats for fish and other marine life. Students learn about marine habitats and take part in the construction process by designing environments for various types of sea life from common materials. 
        This project was featured at the 1st Annual World Maker Fair in New York City at the New York Hall of Science on September 25th and 26th, 2010. It was also recognized by the Martha Stewart Show.

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