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This culturally rich school provides all students with academically exciting college preparatory courses and college and career counseling programs. A comprehensive pupil personnel services team, consisting of guidance counselors, a bilingual school neighborhood worker and family paraprofessionals, support student academic success. Participation in PSAL sports including basketball, volleyball and bowling is strongly encouraged.

LESP offers a state of the art Technology program including Microsoft Office Certification, Oracle Internet Academy and Think Quest-- a website design competition. Students are active members of the student government and serve on the School Leadership Team. LESP students have many choices as to participation in a variety of after school activities and programs including those sponsored by the 21stCentury Learning Grant. After school programs include Tai Chi, PeerTutoring, Documentary Filmmaking and Video Production, Origami, Ping Pong, Global Kids Leadership Program, ESL Enrichment, SAT Preparation, Crime Scene Investigation and Regents Preparation.

Additionally, the 21st Century Learning Program, a three-way collaboration between the United Way, the Chinese Planning Council and LESP, encourages student enrichment in the Arts, Physical Education, ESL, Math, Science, Technology and History.

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