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At P.S.811x our comprehensive department encompasses woodworking, plastics, graphic arts and computer utilization. The responsibility of the technology education department is to introduce students to the technological systems that are the under pinning of the modern workplace in our society.
We pursue outcomes that will make our students more technologically literate and to be able to function effectively with an understanding of the effects of these systems on our society and the workplace.  An example of the types of activities undertaken in the print shop is the design of the classroom calendar.  The systems that the students are introduced to are:

Digital camera systems (taking the photograph)
Digital darkroom (editing the digital photograph)
Desktop publishing (layout of the Newsletter design)
Reproduction systems (printing of the Newsletter)
Binding systems (binding the YearBook for use)

When students leave our school, they will be prepared to join a global community that utilizes multi-media devices as a necessary means of interaction.  Students will be able to use technology to enhance their personal and professional experiences.

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