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Our Mission

Our mission at America's School of Heroes is to provide every student with the support to grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially into a contributing member of society.

Special Programs

ARP Program:
Students will be taking Regents Exams in math and science.

AIS Programs:
Co-teaching and push in/pull out strategies used to successfully improve academic performance. Barrier free school that services all special needs.

Technology Program:
Mobile Computer Labs, Three New Computer Labs, Project Based, animation, podcasts, graphic design, and web design.

Arts Program:

Instrumental Band, All styles of art, Dance and chorus programs.

Foreign Language:

Students take Spanish in grades 7 and 8.

Extracurricular Activities

Student Government Organization:
Students are elected to a decision making team.

Trips and activities:
Winter and spring dances, recreational events, grade trips, class trips and field day.

Intramural sports

Boys and girls teams

Boys and Girls Club:
For boys and girls.
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